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It is perhaps superfluous to remark, that I have uniformly profited by the researches of my predecessors, ancient, modern, Roman, and Reformed. 5 Neander : translated in Bohn's Standard Library: 9 volumes. But more considerable help was yielded by the numerous waiters, whether Eng- lish or Continental, who have dedicated single treatises to some peculiar branch of this inquiry.

I hope, however, that although the judgment passed on facts may, here and there, have been unconsciously dis- coloured, owing to the prejudices of the mind by which they are observed, the facts themselves have never once been seriously distorted, garbled, or suppressed. * Gi ESELER: translated in Clarke's Theological Library; 5 volumes, Edin- burgh, 1846 — 1855. Others will be noticed as occasion offers in the progress of the work. In England 6 In Germany and parts adjacent i6 In Eastern Asia 28 In Africa 30 § 2.

Augustine is the nation's oldest permanently occupied European settlement, having been founded by the Spanish in 1565.

The emphasis on "first European settlement" acknowledges that the Timucuan Indians were here first and observed Menendez and his party of about 1,500 soldiers and colonists.

With regard to the opinions (or, as some of our Ger- manic neighbours would have said, the stand-point) of the author, I am willing to avow distinctly that I always construe history with the specific prepossessions of an Englishman, and, what is more, with those which of ne- cessity belong to members of the English Church.

The reader will decide upon the merit of these changes, or, in other words, he will determine whether they have added to the present volume aught of clearness and coherence.

1 .• Bibliographia Zoologica (adhuc diario „Zoologischer Anzeiger" adnexa) condita ab J.

Victor Cams edidit, sub cura doctoris Herbert Haviland Field, Concilium Bibliographicum. ZURICH sumptibus Concilii Bibiiographici 1915 INDEX -CD- Conspectus methodicus 1.

08 Scripta collecta, Miscellanea 09 Historia 091 Bibliographia 092 Biographia Cap. Exosceleton) 11.8 Systema nervoram .81 Irritabilitaa et Physiologia nervorum in genere (sine musculis) Electro-physio- logia etc. .82 Nervi et musculi (Tonus, motus reflexus etc.) — vide etiam 11.75 et 11. (113) Siluricum (1181) Eocaenicum (114) Devonicum (1182) Miocaenicum (115) Carbonicum, Permicum. • 575 Evolutio .1 Hereditas .2 Variatio .3 Effectus »mediorum ambientium* .4 Selectio naturalis .5 Selectio sexualis .7 Degeneratio 577 Substantia animata .2 Vita .4 Conditiones vitae .6 Vis vitalis .7 Mors .8 Sexualitas Cap. 578; 579 678 Microscopium .1 Varietates .2 Partes opticae .3 - mechanicae .4 - accessoriae .49 Microphotographia .5 Partes illuminantes .6 Subsidia technica .61 Conservatiohistologica, .65 Coloratio .67 Microtomia Microscopium; Co Uectio; Conservatio. 02 Compendia 08 Scripta co Uecta, Miscellanea 03 Lexica 09 Historia 04 Scholae 091 Bibliographia 05 Scripta periodica 092 Biographiai (11) Stratiirrapliia (1161) Triassicum (111) Archaicum (1162) Jurassicum (112) Palaeozoicum (117) Cretacicum (1121) Cambricum (118) Neozoieum, Tertiaericum. Some of the important issues facing our world today and in the future, such as maintaining social cohesion, avoiding major wars, dealing with overpopulation, preventing the degradation and destruction of our environment, and the use of non-renewable resources, had been overcome by Aborigines and their ancient culture as they filled every part of the Australian continent.

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In these areas, perhaps we should regard Western culture as "developing" and Aboriginal culture as "advanced".

The heart of the city is its downtown Plaza de la Consitucion with most of the historic buildings located within a block or two of the Plaza, to the north and to the south.