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06-Oct-2017 22:12

For information about entering new data in a database, see the article Add one or more records to a database.

Read this section if you are new to Access or unfamiliar with the concepts behind relational databases.

Large updates become much easier to perform when you understand some of the basic principles of database design.

An Access database is not a file in the same sense as a Microsoft Office Word 2007 document or a Microsoft Office Power Point 2007 slide deck.

If you need to back up a database, or if you need exclusive access to it, you can determine whether any users are using the database files.

Access tracks user-connection information for the database in an file, which resides in the same folder as the Access application.

The file lists the logon and workstation names of all the users who are currently connected to an Access database file.

If the file doesn't exist, no one is connected to the database and you should be able to access the database exclusively or perform a backup.

If you can't open the file with these accessories, copy and save the file with a new filename, then try to open it.I am building a price comparison site that holds about 300.000 products and several hundred clients.On a daily basis the site needs updating of prices and vendor stock availability.Microsoft Access is an efficient IT solution for creating simple databases to address some of your company's needs, especially if you have a limited budget.

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The tips I offer in this article will help you create more efficient databases and maximize processing time.

This would be bad for scan performance (especially if the table is not all in memory), so you would probably want to rebuild the clustered index with something like CREATE TABLE dbo.households ( temp Id integer NOT NULL, n integer NOT NULL, HHID integer IDENTITY NOT NULL, CONSTRAINT [UQ dbo.households HHID] UNIQUE NONCLUSTERED (HHID), CONSTRAINT [PK dbo.households temp Id, n] PRIMARY KEY CLUSTERED (temp Id, n) ); CREATE TABLE dbo.persons ( temp Id integer NOT NULL, sporder integer NOT NULL, n integer NOT NULL, PERID integer IDENTITY NOT NULL, HHID integer NOT NULL, CONSTRAINT [UQ dbo.persons HHID] UNIQUE NONCLUSTERED (PERID), CONSTRAINT [PK dbo.persons temp Id, n, sporder] PRIMARY KEY CLUSTERED (temp Id, n, sporder) ); This generates the rather inefficient plan: The main problems in this plan are the hash join and sort.

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