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08-Nov-2017 02:35

Note that Elements Version 15 no longer requires Apple Quick Time.

I installed Elements on my test PC, a 4K touch-screen Asus Zen Ai O Pro Z240IC all-in-one PC.

You can get the new Organizer working very much like your old one by importing your organizational keyword Tag Tree from a prior version.

To do this: In the future, when you import files that already have keyword tags, you’ll get a dialog box with all the keywords listed.

After you copy photos and launch the Organizer, a dialog box opens, prompting you to confirm adding photos (assuming that you chose Notify Me in the Watch Folders dialog box). When you add photos in the Organizer, only those photos you added appear in the Media Browser.

I just installed elements 9 and have been importing photos into the organizer, file by file. I have used PSE9 for about 1 1/2 yrs and it just started doing this to me with all my newest imports. kevin Akshaya, I will repost the image showing the broken thumbnails.

As the organizer pulls the photos it displays thumbnails of the recently imported photos. I'm thinking of abandoning the Adobe elements organizer for good. I've had issues since version 7 off and on and I've rebuilt this catalog two times now. All the old ones are still fine for thumbnail viewing, just everything in about the last month. No one seems to know (in this thread anyway) and I stopped using it. I've been using it since version 3 but Picasa is looking better and better. These same thumbnails are visible using Windows Explorer, Irfanview, or any other program. kevin Kevin, Sorry, looks like my earlier ask was not clear enough.

For 15 iterations, Photoshop Elements has made the imaging magic pioneered by Adobe Photoshop easy for non-professionals to master.In the Watch Folders dialog box, you find radio button choices for either notifying you when new files are found in a Watch Folder or for Elements to automatically import photos each time new files are added to a Watch Folder.Select the Notify Me radio button so that you’re always aware of when new files are added to your catalog.The two programs together cost £110.00, and for some reason the App Store is still selling last year’s version 13, rather than the latest version 14.

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The best option is simply to buy Photoshop Elements direct from Adobe instead.To set up a Watch Folder, open the Organizer and choose File→Watch Folders. By default, your Pictures folder on your hard drive is already identified as a Watch Folder.

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