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Public resources, such as available sites and categories, can be anonymously accessed, while private resources and user-own actions, such as listing an item, giving feedback or viewing purchase/sale information, require application-based authorization.This guide explains the meaning of authentication and the authorization flow to be followed to obtain an access_token (access key to private resources for each user granting authorization to the application – valid for 6 hours). Quote: "For existing apps, there are no changes required for your app, but you should consider using the new endpoint".This is simplified and robust example how you can post on user's wall when she/he is not currently logged in or not using your application. Access tokens are needed to make calls on facebook graph api. This example shows how to post message on user's wall and get user's data.

In the case of a person, authentication consists in verifying his/her identity based on one or several factors, ensuring the sender’s data are correct.Replace YOUR_PAGE_NAME_OR_ID with your page ID or alias. Check out article There is a subheading "Page Login". I have a question, everything works fine but the content that i add to facebook via php (wall post, new albums, images, etc.) are all only visible by me. a little question, this code works only when the user enters the script. that meant that the user entered the script gets msg 2 feed. I am going to store the token in DB but I cannot find what the length is... And if I look around I only see same questions all over the google.So posting query becomes something like this: $res = $facebook- Ok, I dug a little bit into it. I want to make an script that will run weekly, and than post on the user's feed, without the need of him to enter the app. I hope it helps :) have you found a way to use more than one access token at a time in an array? "&grant_type=client_credentials I think my explanation is little bit confusing. If I want to post on users wall when he is not interacting with my application currently, I have to use access_token provided earlier by that user. do you know if there is a maximum access_token length stated in the OAuth 2.0 specification. Don't know is it true, but here it says its not defined at all.For more information about this flow, go to the tutorial “Client-Side Authorization”The Server Side authorization flow is better suited for applications executing the server-side code, such as, applications developed in Java, Grails, Go, etc.

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This feature will post a node's teaser and link back to the node onto a facebook wall. Check "Post to Facebook" in order to post, when the node is saved.

And here is example app which uses this offline access permission. So before trying any of this out, create new facebook instance at the beginning of the script. "Fatal error: Uncaught OAuth Exception: Error validating access token. Do I need to store the "&expires_in=0" from the access_token somewhere?

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