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23-Dec-2017 10:00

Let’s look at a few of the least commonly recognized deadly animals on the planet, which also just happen to be among the most cute, beautiful, and graceful.

The poolside to pet the stingrays at the aquarium is always crowded.

Today, their popularity remains intact, but that does not take away from the fact that a stingray can be very dangerous.

One misplaced step within the sand can send its barbed stinger in a fury of reflexive, venomous slashing, which if hooked into a leg, arm, abdomen, or chest, will release toxins promoting swelling and excruciating pain.

These animals lure you in with googly eyes and infuriatingly strokeable fur…

at least that is until they sink their poisonous little teeth into your arm and leave you crying for mummy.

As the second largest rodent in the world, the beaver has been known to attack canoists, swimmers and even walkers causing wounds deep enough to kill by severing major arteries.

Beavers have also been known to make use of their surroundings.

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In deimatic behaviour, a harmless animal adopts a threatening pose or displays startling, brightly coloured parts of its body to startle a predator or rival.There are plenty of intimidating animals that are obviously out to get you – from fang-toothed wild cats and gargantuan bears to lethal sharks and massive poisonous snakes.

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