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06-Oct-2017 05:59

All people regardless of race, ethnicity, sex, age and country of origin have health needs and specific vulnerabilities – and these are often exacerbated when they are forcibly displaced.

For example, as refugees on the move, women and children may have problems accessing even basic services, such as care at the time of delivery, postnatal check-ups for mothers and babies, routine vaccinations and family planning.

Daily life in the golden age of Greece varied, as it does today, according to economic status as well as by other factors such as war and even the type of government that was in place.

The best way to get an appreciation of this is to look at a few specific examples and from these draw some general conclusions. The life of a well-to-do young man growing up in Athens at the time of Pericles.

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To watch dramas that they could relate to, including tragedies and comedies.

(Alexander, the Great's father King Philip brought in Aristotle to serve as teacher and mentor to the young Alexander.) Children grew up playing with a variety of toys ( rattles, balls, miniature chariots, wooden boats, clay houses; animal figures- pigs, goats, etc.) as well as perhaps a small number of pets- dogs, ducks, mice and, even, insects.

However, test screenings showed that viewers did not approve of the kiss; the final cut saw the kiss changed to a hug and a fourth-grade-style holding of hands.… continue reading »

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