Scott schuman dating garance dore

30-Aug-2017 01:15

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On her blog she publishes personal essays, illustrations, photographs and interviews with inspiring women – basically, very honest and authentic insights into the life of a famous fashion blogger.

As the original blogger, she was able to make the most of her unexpected success: Garance is now contributing to international magazines and writes a monthly column for industry’s power couple: the pair was crowned with a CFDA Media Award in 2012.

The blog allowed Garance a complete freedom of expression, while sharing the vignettes of her day and exploring fashion, illustration, narration and photography.

She wanted to do something more free and spontaneous, so she started publishing a few drawings and began adding little texts. She shoots them in the street or around the shows during fashion weeks.

In October 2015, Garance has launched her first book “Love Style Life,” a milestone in her career and a reminder that dreams can come true.

I love working with a team but I am also very independent.

For example, one of our favorite sequences from was shot down in Savannah, Georgia several years ago.

The serene, quality images produced by Schuman captured the beauty and rhythm of life down South.

I go on vacation of course, but when you are a creative your job never stops.What began with a camera lens in New York City for Schuman eventually turned into an immensely popular street style blog.