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Pacific, Iwo Jima US Marines raise the American flag on the summit of Mount Suribachi in the south of the island.The US Marines now have to turn north to clear the rest of the island.Another variation is when two teens live in the same house, and one plans a party without consulting the other, who has to study for a test or do something else where peace and quiet is necessary.The second teen usually will not find out until they come home to see the party already underway.Someone they did invite brought one more person, and so did another. Fast forward ten minutes and a college football team shows up with a keg and there's somehow full disco lighting in the living room.

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See also Youth Is Wasted on the Dumb (which may occur at this), Teens Are Monsters, A Party, Also Known as an Orgy, and What Did I Do Last Night? Take note that it doesn't necessarily have to deal with teenagers, but they are the most common occurrences of the trope.Popularly known as the Baba 35, this traditionally styled full-keel double ender from the drawing board of Robert H.