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10-Nov-2017 01:56

Needless to say, those precious hours in between working and sleeping is generally jam packed with errands, catching up with family and friends, doctor appointments, and other stuff.So naturally it can feel like you never have enough time to dedicate to finding love.Come on, there are lots of young, impressionable minds on Ok Cupid.These questions should come with a public service announcement or something. While I do sometimes judge an Ok Cupid user's whole existence based on his misuse of "your," it should be noted that I'm less harsh when it comes to words that have been out of common usage for centuries.Ok Cupid found that when some men think a woman is ugly, other men are more likely to message them.

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The man who has written this on his profile appears to be in his early thirties.

Once you read some of the below gems, I think you’ll probably want to run screaming to your nearest bar, too. MORE: 10 Weirdest Social Networks Danger, Will Robinson.