Updating mazda3 navigation system

17-Aug-2017 19:33

updating mazda3 navigation system-4

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It's in plain sight in front of our MX-5's shifter; other models hide their SD slots inside the console bin.This slot is the pathway to activating navigation in these cars.As for upgrading from v31 to v33 or the persistence of other modifications, I am unaware of anyone reporting about whether or not changes remained. Tried to re-install but the system said “Tweak Already Installed”.

Bought it new off the showroom floor in Jan of 2014, have put on 58,000 miles and counting, no maintenance issues, and drives just a good today as the day I bought it.

Any mod that required modifying or replacing files (Disclaimer time, background image, wifi enable) will not persist between upgrades and will need to be reapplied.

The failsafe file includes only what is necessary in the event that things go wrong. Has someone tested if the “Disable touch-screen speed restriction” and “Reduce disclaimer auto-dismiss time” modifications work with the same commands?

It has been reported by some users that the modifications they had made DID persist after upgrading from one version to another.

I believe that someone mentioned that when upgrading from v27 to v31, the Speed Restriction modification still worked after their system was upgraded.

You can see a sliding door as shown in the picture. Push the memory card in a little until it goes no further.

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