Updating record in vb net

29-Jan-2018 01:46

I agree with the suggestions to use a parameter query for this instead. Thanks in advance, Richard Paulicelli You can also convert your date string to yyyy-mm-dd format to avoid misinterpreting the date literal based on local.Additionally, new records can be inserted into the dataset by adding new Data Row objects to the Data Table objects' Rows collection.You can manipulate the collection directly to delete records. Open() End Sub Private Sub Button8_Click(By Val sender As System. Text & " ;" j = "SELECT ID FROM books WHERE ID=" & txtbook_id. Text & "', '" & "Borrowed" & "', '" & txtborrow_from.

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Close() End If End If End If End Sub Now, what happens, is absolutely nothing. And i figured that's where the problem lied being that when i put a breakpoint and analyzed the code and values of everything i noticed the hash marks but i didn't even think to physically put them in the update statement. But thank you for that note for future = "Journals SET Journal Title=? Thanks for your help and [email protected] Paulicelli I imagine this did not work for you because you have declared Date Picked as a string.

After your dataset is populated with data, you will typically perform some kind of manipulation of the data before sending it back to the data source or to another process or application.

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