What is the correct age to start dating

27-Sep-2017 13:59

NBC’s Today Show once ran a segment titled “Are They Mature Enough?

” during which survey results from a variety of parenting questions were discussed.

"Subsequently, this child may need learning support because if they begin 'behind', they may never catch up, and we may end up putting learning resources their way in an attempt to bring them on to the same level.

"When they get to senior infants, they can still be struggling with the junior-infant curriculum – whereas the five-year-old is ready for the next step." Mary Giles, who has spent a large proportion of her 30-year career teaching infants, believes that children who are barely four on entering junior infants may face a struggle to catch up.

We need to teach them about the delicate parameters of dating including when to say yes or no to physicality and sex.

We need to talk about how to judge their readiness for getting involved in relationships.

Plus, when the kids get packed off to college, you’ll still only be in your 40s — which is young enough to embark on new adventures and rediscover yourselves as a couple, not just as other people’s parents.

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If we are uncomfortable talking to our kids about dating then perhaps we need to deal with this before we allow them to date.Asking Yourself if You’re Ready Seeking Advice From Others Considering Your Cultural or Religious Background Community Q&A You may be asking yourself if you’re old enough to have a boyfriend or begin dating.