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In 1990 NBC began airing the show, which slowly gained recognition from critics and fans.

Christopher Derek Foley, commonly known as Kidd Chris and "Cobra", (born 1974) is an American radio host.

The 35-year-old star checked into rehab after being charged with a DUI for the second time that year and later admitted: "It got to the point where I was a fragile shadow of the young man that came into this business. We weren’t lighting each other’s fire anymore.”The actress got engaged to Tom Cruise, who she divorced in 2012, just three months later, but her ex-boyfriend previously said: "When we were breaking up, we kept it to ourselves for a while.

Today, I'm the luckiest guy alive."Katie Holmes and Chris Klein Katie and American Pie ‘body’ Chris were together five years and even engaged before they called it quits in March 2005. It looked like it was Katie and Chris together and two seconds later Katie and Tom together, but that's ridiculously compressed...

He has hosted radio shows in several cities since 1998.

The radio show originated in his home town of Syracuse, New York.

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While in Sacramento, Chris gained national attention by sending a series of prank phone calls made to O. Simpson to the popular Opie and Anthony and Howard Stern nationally syndicated shows and Thomas Kitajima eventually joined the show in Sacramento.

Chris Noth also studied acting at The Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theatre in New York City.